Home2Rome Cycle Ride 2009

In support of-
Francis House Childrens Hospice
Dis+Abled Together




20 days riding!

1,450 miles! 

3 countries!

5 Alpine climbs 

Climbing upto 2,744 metres

0 punctures

0 crashes

2 very tired people!

 Will write more tomorrow when I have the energy! 

Thanks for all your support



UPDATE!!! (28th July, 2009)

 After not being able to get internet for a few days, I've finally managed to get another blog up so please take a look!



UPDATE!!! (22nd July, 2009) 

We have received 100 messages on our 'Guestbook'!!!! Thank you to everyone who has left us words of encouragement and support, they have been - and still are - very appreciated. 

Today we climb Alpe D'Huez in training for an even larger climb tomorrow. It is safe to assume that these days will prove to be some of the more difficult days of the ride so keep a look out for our next blog recording how it is all going.

Thank you all for your continuing support and prayers.



UPDATE!!! (20th July, 2009)

We have found internet connection again so please check out our latest blog (written in yet another McDondalds!). Not only that, but we have now passed our half way mark for riding. We are, just about, equal distance away from Manchester as we are from Rome and this has filled us with real excitement.

May I also take this opportunity to thank local MP, Mark Hunter, for the article on his website regarding the ride. To view the article, please follow this link: 


Thank you all for the comments that you have left on the Guestbook. Knowing that you are all behind us is a great support for us.



P.S. Dad has also just posted his first blog since we left containing a number of personal messages so please give that a read too!


UPDATE!!! (19th July, 2009) 

As Rory and Mike have not managed to find internet connection on the first of their two rest days, we have updated the blog page on their behalf. Please give it a read. 

Thank you again for your continuing support. 


UPDATE!!! (16th July, 2009)

Hi, I've managed to get Wifi along with some food at a McDonalds here in the champagne region, so click on "Blog" on the left to find out how we're getting on!




UPDATE!!! (14th July, 2009)

Rory and Mike have crossed the English Channel and are well on their way into France. Rory has just called us from Arras asking if we could please pass on his apologies for the lack of blogs but they have been unable to access the internet as of yet. He does, however, promise to fill us all in on the ride details and stories at the next available opportunity. Apart from Rory's sunburn, both he and Mike are doing well and have enjoyed their trip so far. They would like to thank everyone who has helped them along their way, especially Marie and family in Birmingham, and the Bevan family in London for providing rest for the weary travellers. They have also asked that we thank everyone who turned up on Saturday morning to see them off - it started their ride off with a real bang (but that might have had something to do with the party poppers)!!

Finally, thank you all for your continuing support! Please don't forget to leave the boys a message of support in their Guestbook if you get a spare moment.


UPDATE!!! (9th July, 2009) 

With the ride a couple of days off I would like to thank everyone for their support thus far, and invite people to a "wave off" event for our departure on King's Close in Bramhall at 8am on Saturday morning.

 Also I would like to ask people to keep coming back to the site over the next few weeks to read our blog on how we are getting on and see the pictures of the ride so far!

Whilst here, please sign our guestbook as this support means a huge amount to us, and if you can, please sponsor us so we can raise as much money as possible for the two incredible charities! 

Best Wishes



Thank you for visiting our site. 

In July 2009, my Dad, Mike, and I will be ridng from our home (Stockport, England) to Rome, Italy. The journey will be a total of about 1,500 miles over 22 days. With 2 rest days that averages about 75 miles a day.

 As well as cycling large distances each day, we will also be carrying everything we will need for the journey on our bikes, that includes all our camping equipment, food, clothes and bike spares. Furthermore we will be cycling over The Alps, including the world famous ascent of Alpe d'Huez. 

 We are doing the ride in aid of the Rainbow Family Trust (Francis House) andDis+Abled Together. To find out more about the charities we are supporting please click on the link at the side of the page. 

 Although we have no aim for the amount of money we want to raise, the more we raise the more we can support the above charities. If you would like to sponsor us, you can either click on the "Make a Donation" button found on at the bottom of the page, and donate through PayPal, or you can visit the sponsorship page to find out more ways to support us.

 I would like to stress all of the money raised will go to the charities and not to help fund our trip.

 Whilst you are here, please take some time to read our other pages and sign our guestbook. I will be updating the site with how we're getting on with sponsorship, training and photos over the next few months, and as regularly as possible whilst riding to Rome. . 

 Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support.

 Best wishes 

 Rory Nolan